There are millions and billions of systems in the universe. And there are millions and trillions of planets in each of this system. And on every continent, any land, any jungle, any desert and any city there is a bigger danger. 
Because it is a grim and dark future in the year 40.000. 

In the deep jungle terrain a patrol of DEF COPTERS is scouting for enemy targets. WAAAGHBOSS BRAKKA told them to defend the base and the generator. Energy is the most important source to conquer and burn the planet. Killing all mankind is a must for BRAKKA.  

Flying deep and with enormous speed the pilots of the copters keep an eye on the surrounding hills and overgrown temple areas.

Overflying an old ruin they spotted an old enemy. The tin with the skull. Orcs do not fear but they know to expect a proper fight.

But the Chaplain brings a unit of SPACE MARINES in heaviest armor.

... too be continued! 

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