This is a project which i built for the guys from DARK AGE. It is a post apocalyptic scenario based on the planet Samaria. The terrain pieces form a industry complex. The different factions of the game are interested in the supplies and goods which they expected to find in the ruined storage building. The newest robotic faction - the CORE - is one of those survivors. They made their way through the underground and entered RED MESA via a big double winged hatch door!

Some piles of rubbish are very important for any apocalyptic scenery and it also gives cover and defense for your miniature troopers!  
In the surrounding areas of RED MESA you can find a lot of good things. If your are looking for spare parts? Just go to an old factory and you will properly find some wheels and axes for your buggy.   

If you are hacker and know how to deal with computers you could try and activate some automatic systems. Perhaps you can open a cellar with some special goodies? But be careful! There are unwanted mysteries in the deep.

More informations about the projects are available here: 

Here you will find a variety of pictures: 

If you are interested in terrain just contact me via email.
All the best and happy wargaming!

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