Bunker in the jungle

This is one of my newest finished commission projects. A part of a jungle terrain set which is divided into two different more or less generic sets. A fantasy or dark age like set and a futuristic or contemporary set. The bunker obviously belongs to the last aspect of the project. Vegetation-bases and hills are usable for both variants. So you have a lot of possibilities for setting up games.

Here you go with some additional videos:

Jungle-Bunker with sandbag barricades & barbwire 

Statute head inspired by Easter Island to give terrain some extra flavor. 

Roof is modular you have space for about 9 30 mm miniatures inside. Machine-guns and mortars could be placed on top.  

No jungle or Caribbean scenery without palm trees. 

An overview about vegetation bases and the bunker.

Hope you enjoy it? And if you are interested in terrain or gaming tables?
Get in touch via: preiser.p@gmail.com

Best regards & happy building!
TT aka PP 

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